Checkers Money Market

Checkers Money Market – send money instantly through checkers money transfer service that is more convenient and available to anyone.

Whether you have a bank account or not, anyone can send money through Checkers money market by visiting any of Checkers stores.

In this article, Finance Panda provides tips on how to use this send money service with checkers and obtain a money market slip.

Anyone can send money with Checkers Money Transfers to anyone who is in possession of valid SA Id number.

We discuss in this article how one can send money through Checkers money market and how can the recipient collect funds through money market counter at Checkers.

Checkers Money Transfers Send Money

Let’s look at frequently asked question that frequently arise like where can in withdraw checkers money transfer funds and how to do a withdrawal.

A recipient can simply take their valid South African Id number to one of their nearest Checkers store with money market service or counter.

Compared to other money transfer services in South Africa, Checkers money market is one of the best send money in South African options.

To send money in South Africa with Checkers money market, one does not need a bank account, let us show you how.

How to send money in South Africa

Visit one of any Checkers Money Market Counters.

Customer needs to in possession of a valid RSA Id.

To use this send money transfer, you will be required to pay R10.00

Original Id or driver’s license is required, not copies are allowed of this documents.

To start, customer must enter 4 pin money market for the recipient to be used as Money market transfer number.

Do not share this money market pin unless with of cause with the recipient.

Send the checkers money transfer pin together with money transfer number to the recipient.

Customer can send money from R1 000 to R5 000 per day with a maximum of R25 000 per month.

Here is what makes this service the best to find around

Money will be instantly available to the recipient as soon as you received the checkers money market slip.

Withdraw Funds from Money Market

As a recipient, collecting funds from money market is very simple.

To collect money at Checkers Money market, simple take Id to anyone of the money market counters.

Customer can only collect amount of up to R5000 per day and a maximum of up to R25000 per month.

You won’t be required to produce checkers money market slip to collect funds.

Use the secret pin together with the money transfer number that was provided by the sender.

Checkers Trading Hours

To use this send money transfer service, customers need to be aware their preferred Checkers Trading Hours.

All money market services run within the select store and as per that Checkers Trading hours.

Checkers Money Market Contact Details

To contact checkers money market, customers can call Checkers toll free number 0800 01 07 09

For more information on this service and checkers money market complaints, you can visit this company’s official website